The adverse biological and medical effects of electromagnetic radiation are documented more thoroughly than the effects of asbestos, DDT, dioxins or PCBs. But little of this information ever reaches the news media, the medical community or the public.  (1)

While the public may not know the true cause of their symptoms or illnesses, it feels the effects. Increasing numbers of previously healthy individuals are seeking help for symptoms and  serious illness caused by or associated with exposure to radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMF)s

Symptoms are as varied as the organ or system affected including sleep disturbances, fatigue, memory loss, headaches, depression, dizziness, GI problems, palpitations, arrhythmias, numbness, tingling, burning, respiratory symptoms, pain and burning in the eyes, hair loss, tooth pain, deteriorating fillings, light sensitivity and many others.

Over 20,000 research papers since the 1950’s link EMF exposure with cataracts, birth defects. low sperm counts, cancers, and many other diseases; of the eyes, skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, pancreas, the nervous, endocrine, reproductive, autonomic nervous and other body systems  –  diseases of every body organ and system.

The purpose of this website is to help you reduce electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution, to help those whose health has been impacted by these and other sources of environmental pollution, to provide a source of important research papers, and public policy about this pervasive and growing public health problem. I learned the hard way.

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(1) Arthur Firstenberg: Silent Wireless Spring