The symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) have been recognized since the 1930’s, after radar was introduced.  The same symptoms were described in numerous studies from eastern Europe and the former soviet union from the 1950’s and from the U.S. Navy which published 2300 research studies in 1972 . 

These early studies described a condition in workers at radio installations, electric utilities and radar stations which was then known as microwave sickness, radio wave syndrome and rapid aging syndrome.   We now call this condition EHS, a very real and growing problem particularly since the mid 1990’s, when the use of cellular and wireless devices exploded, exposing the public to massively increased levels of electromagnetic radiation.

In 2002, Gro Harlem Brundtland M.D., M.P.H., the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) and former prime minister of Norway admitted she suffered severe headaches when in the presence of cellphones and computers.  She resigned her position soon after. Approximately 300,000 people in Sweden, the home of the first cellphone (Ericson), are affected. Sweden recognizes EHS as a functional impairment that causes significant disability, as does France, Spain, and Italy.

EHS is thought to moderately affect the health of 3-5 % of people throughout the world.  Another 20-30% are slightly affected. From 1-3 % are severely affected.  Because the trillions of cells in our bodies depend upon electrical impulses to function, and those impulses are influenced by electromagnetic fields, everyone exposed to EMFs is damaged to some degree. Millions of people throughout the world are affected, yet most do not realize that EMF radiation is the cause of their symptoms.

Modern technology has stoked an unparalleled degree of innovation and improvement in our quality of life.  At the same time,  both wired and wireless infrastructures and the buildings, equipment and gadgets connected to them now bring electromagnetic fields (EMFs), a form of radiation, into virtually every space we inhabit, whether at work, home or play, inside or outside, in cities or rural areas.

Once an individual becomes sensitized to EMFs , signs and symptoms of exposure follow. For a growing number of people these signs and symptoms evolve into illness, when the body’s defenses become overwhelmed.  Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is a physiologic disorder that appears or intensifies near sources of EMFs.  EMFs affect every cell, tissue, organ and system in our bodies. EHS signs and symptoms reflect the organs most affected.

The biological effects from exposure to EMFs and electromagnetic radiation can lead to a lower quality of life,  disability and premature death.  Some are so incapacitated, they cannot work and must stay in highly shielded environments.

Relatively few people in the U.S. are aware EMFs cause harm. Unfortunately, industry forces have successfully discredited a very large body of research that strongly supports significant and growing harm from EMFs.  As  a result, patients with EHS may experience ridicule and dismissal by their usual systems of support, including their doctors. This ostracism has a profound impact on those affected.

Research to date, more than 20,000 papers, clearly demonstrates electromagnetic radiation negatively impacts living beings. Bioeffects include damage to DNA, higher risks of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease,  heart disease, autoimmune diseases such as MS and diabetes,  lowered sperm counts and others.  Disabling symptoms affect a wide range of body functions. EMF exposure affects all of nature, interrupting the ability of birds and bees to navigate and has led to (bee) colony collapse disorder.

Importantly, these effects on health and nature occur at EMF levels that regulatory agencies like the FCC, consider to be completely safe.

We’ve seen industry oppose strong scientific evidence of harm before – with tobacco, asbestos, chemical, fracking and other industries that have paid scientists to generate “evidence” that falsely support their claims of product safety. (Blank, 2014) Studies finding no adverse health effects from EMFs are overwhelmingly industry or government funded.

The industries that supply electricity, wireless communications and electronics have become the cornerstones of modern society.  We are fundamentally reliant on their products and increasingly dependent upon them for for social and recreational needs.  There have been no warnings from government or industry that would encourage precaution, especially for pregnant women and children in the face of many danger signs. Instead, industries whose profits would suffer insist on absolute proof, not just evidence of harm, which is now overwhelming.

Despite evidence of harm that is too strong to deny,  mainstream media and many physicians ignore the mounting evidence. Thus, members of the public are mostly unaware of the harms.

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