My aim is to provide information and resources that will help you reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and help you manage symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS) and electromagnetic hypersensitivity EHS).

People who have EMH can develop a wide range of symptoms. Some will react to magnetic fields, some to electrical fields, some to both. They may or may not react to the radio frequency fields of cellular communications or WiFi. There can be significant day to day symptom variation. Individuals can be mildly or severely affected.

Services and resources are available by telephone and internet to help you:

1. Identify potential source(s) of your symptoms

2. Identify cost-effective products and  services, including DIY, to reduce EMF pollution and health effects

3. Secure a medical diagnosis

4. Overcome the difficulty of having EMS or EMH acknowledged

5. Learn about the biases and shortcomings of EMF research that will help you educate family, friends and physicians.

There is a large body of evidence demonstrating that electromagnetic fields (EMF) produce adverse health effects from occupational, private and public exposures to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, at current exposure levels. French, German, Italian,  Spanish, Austrian and Swedish governments recognize the syndrome and compensate those who become disabled, as some have. Canada acknowledges the condition. The U.S. does not.

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