Peer-reviewed studies from scientists over more than five decades have shown a consistent correlation between exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and negative impacts to living beings.

Biological effects from EMF exposures include damage to DNA, higher risks of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease,  heart disease, autoimmune diseases such as MS and diabetes,  lowered sperm counts and many others.

Troubling and disabling symptoms affect a wide range of body functions. EMF exposure affects all of nature, interrupting the ability of birds and bees to navigate, causing cows to be agitated and to produce less milk, and leading to (bee) colony collapse disorder.

Importantly, many of these effects on health and nature occur at levels that are thousands of times lower than the limits set by regulatory agencies like the FCC as safe. It is now clear that  safety limits are no  longer sufficiently protective of public health, particularly more susceptible individuals (infants, children, pregnant women and the elderly.

EMF sources  associated with adverse health effects include:

  • Cellular (long-range transmission) towers and antennas in schools, neighborhoods, churches, light standards, power poles, highways and towns
  • Wireless (short-range transmission) systems and devices including cellphones, cordless phones, baby monitors,  computers, tablets
  • Electrical production facilities, transmission lines, structure wiring, all electrically powered items and electronics
  • Radar
  • Radio and TV broadcasting facilities
  • Smart meters, appliances and transmission systems
  • Microwave ovens
  • Satellites

Modern technology has stoked an unparalleled degree of innovation and improvement in our quality of life.  At the same time, both wired and wireless infrastructures and the buildings, equipment and gadgets connected to them now bring electromagnetic fields (EMFs), a form of radiation, into virtually every space we inhabit, whether at work, home or play, inside or outside, in cities or rural areas.

Relatively few people in the U.S. are aware EMFs cause harm. Unfortunately, industry forces have successfully discredited a very large body of research that strongly supports significant and growing harm from EMFs.

We’ve seen industry oppose strong scientific evidence of harm before – with tobacco, asbestos, chemicals, fracking and other industries that have paid scientists to generate “evidence” that falsely supported their claims of product safety.

The research, articles and reports found here are arranged in the following manner:

1. Collections of EMF studies

2. EMF studies in chronological order

3. Articles, Commentaries and reports about EMF health effects

4. Effects of EMFs on plants and animals

Research studies, articles and reports on EMF health effects


1972:  2,300 studies published by the US Navy showing biological impacts of EMF: Naval Medical Research Institute 2300 Studies on EMF Health Effects.

2012 BioInitiative Report – References 1,900 new studies showing biological impacts from non-thermal EMF.  Prepared by 29 authors from ten countries, ten holding medical degrees (MDs), 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs. Among the authors are three former presidents of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, and five full members of BEMS.:

Comprehensive German data bank of global EMF research showing biological effects of RF/EMF. Includes summaries of over 5700 studies: 

WiFi in Schools. Refers to numerous studies. Includes chart showing numerous health effects from laptop and iPad radiation:

Comprehensive collection of studies, papers and commentary of how EMF pollution affects body systems and disease. Studies arranged by disease:

Thousands of studies showing links between EMF pollution and adverse biological effects:

Collection of over 5,000 studies showing biological impacts from EMF pollution:

Graph with 67 studies that show adverse health effects occur well below the limit set by the U.S. government EMF limits and the corresponding effects of smart meters – See the following PDF, as well as the graphic:

10 of 14 studies of significant biological effects from living near a cell phone tower: Click here for studies. Peer reviewed, double-blind studies showing that electro-sensitivity is associated with wireless technologies: &

Research on the health effects of cell phone masts/towers from a group in Portland, Oregon:


2016 NTP study preliminary results showing that cell phone radiation causes cancer in rats. This $25 million study is the gold standard of EMF research and makes it clear that our current wireless safety standards do not adequately protect the public.

2016 Study demonstrating the Nocebo (placebo) response does not explain  EHS.   Read full study here.

2015 study showing 2.4 GHz WiFi decreases sperm function. Researchers conclude that “there should be major concern regarding the exposure to Wi-Fi networks existing in the vicinity of our living places.”

2015 study showing that 2.4 GHz WiFi may be accepted as one of the major risk factors for brain tumors and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers. Effects of 2.4 GHz WiFi on microRNA Brain Tissue

2015 paper showing that polarized EMF (man-made) is much more biologically active than non-polarized EMF (natural sources such as infrared, ultraviolet and visible light from the sun):

2015 Study by leading industry RF scientist shows that 3G GSM cell phone technology causes cancer in animals:

2014 Long-term study from Swedish scientist Lennart Hardell on glioma and acoustic neuroma brain tumors showing that RF (radiofrequency radiation) is carcinogenic. The scientist calls for RF to be labeled an IARC Class 1 Carcinogen  (meaning definitely carcinogenic to humans) and recommends urgent revision to safety guidelines.

Swedish brain cancer rates have increased 30% since 2008 but cases are not reflected in the cancer registry:

2014 Japanese study showing significant decrease in clinical symptoms of residents of a nearby building once a cell tower was removed. Significant Decrease of Clinical Symptoms after Mobile Phone Base Station Removal–An Intervention Study Tetsuharu Shinjyo and Akemi Shinjyo.

2011 Dr. Leif Salford and his colleagues at Lund University Hospital in Sweden exposed over 1,600 experimental animals to low-level microwave radiation. They then repeated the experiment in another 32 animals but waited 8 weeks before examining their brains. They found that up to two percent of the neurons in all areas of the brain were shrunken and degenerated.  Silent Wireless Spring. ArthurFirstenberg

2011 study by Nora Volkow showing that cell phone radiation increases brain glucose metabolism in areas next to antenna. Increased glucose metabolism is associated with cancer. Study shows that biological changes occur at levels lower than FCC guidelines.

Dr.Volkov altered brain activity with cellphone useJournal of Neuroscience highly controlled double-blind study showing evidence of electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) symptoms of headache, skipped heartbeats, temporal pain and muscle twitching from EMF that was repeatedly turned off and on, in a female physician. The subject could not detect when the EMF was off or on but her symptoms began within 100 seconds after initiation of EMF exposure:

2009 YouTube: “Suppressing the science on cellphones”. Prominent researcher Franz Adlokofer’s study funded by the European Commission found that high frequency electro-magnetic fields damage genes and gene function.  He describes the attempts made by the telecommunications industry to discredit him and his research.

2009 Research article by Dr. Carl Blackman showing that non-thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation should be included in national and international exposure standards, which should have been lowered, not raised as they were recently:

2001 Dr. Neil Cherry discusses evidence available in 2001 that showed a causal link with EMFs and brain tumors.

1995 Electrical distribution lines both inside and outside homes constitutes one of the major sources of the public’s time-weighted average exposure to magnetic fields.  This report provides insight into representative data on magnetic field levels inside residences and in proximity to distribution lines. EPRI Handbook for the Assessment and Management of Magnetic Fields Caused by Distribution Lines. Author(s): Enertech Consultants.

1994 U.S. Air Force study confirming existence of non-thermal EMF effects, including alterations to the central nervous system and cardiovascular system: Air Force Study showing non-thermal effects

1981 NASA paper showing numerous health affects from non-thermal electromagnetic fields. NASA report on EMF effects on human body

1965 Ford Motor Company commissioned this study which shows the numerous damaging biological effects of microwave radiation. It notes in particular how damaging microwave radiation is to the central nervous system.


2002 Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director of the World Health Organization and former Prime Minister of Norway, admits that cell phones and computers make her ill.

52 Medical Doctors and Researchers respond to industry PR that “smart” meters are safe:

Italian Supreme Court rules that brain tumor is caused by cell phone:

World Health Organization and IARC classifies microwave radiation as a “possible carcinogen”, Class 2B, the same classification as lead and DDT– May 31, 2011:

“Captured Agency” report on how the FCC is completely dominated by the wireless industry that it supposedly regulates. Published June 2015 by investigative journalist Norm Alster and the Harvard University Center for Ethics. Mr. Alster also wrote about the Dot Com Crash and the 2008 Financial Crisis before they happened. Click for free PDF or Kindle versions.

2001 Cellphone manufacturers own patents that would cut radiation risks but do not use their own technology

2014 Former Nokia technology chief says cellphones wrecked his health. Nokia has held patents since 1998 that would reduce the irradiation of cell phone users – but did not utilize the technology:

Declassified 1976 Defense Intelligence Agency report showing that military personnel exposed to non-thermal microwave radiation experienced “headaches, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness and lack of concentration.” Defense Intelligence Agency 1976 Report on Biological Effects of EMF

Internal FDA memo from 1993 states that data “strongly suggests” that microwave radiation promotes cancer:

A discussion of industry, military and other influences on RF–DNA research, “Radiation Research” and The Cult of Negative Results.

Article describing the efforts to discredit the work of a prominent research scientist whose findings link cellphones to cancer as a result of DNA breaks.

Swisscom admits elevated risk of cancer and genetic damage from Wi-Fi:

Motorola has “war-gamed” the science since 1994:

Nokia has held patents since 1998 that would reduce the irradiation of cell phone users – but did not utilize the technology:

Research article by Dr. Carl Blackman showing that frequency modulation (not the carrier wave) is the primary reason for non-thermal biological effects: Dr. Carl Blackman Modulation 2009 Paper

Harvard Pediatric Neurologist states dangers of Wi-Fi in classrooms and potential autism link: Harvard Pediatrician EMF Dangers for Children

2002 letter from EPA confirms that FCC guidelines only relate to damage from heating (thermal) effects but do not consider long-term, chronic, non-thermal microwave radiation exposures, the type we are exposed to every day by consumer wireless devices). It EPA Letter Stating FCC Guideliness are only based on Thermal Effects

Report warning about Smart Meters by Santa Cruz Public Health Advisor, Poki Namkung, MD:

Sufficient evidence exists for microwave radiation to be labeled a definite carcinogen (presentation by Dr. Anthony Miller):

Survey of 210 respondents whose health was harmed by smart meters:

Use of fluorescent lighting leading to an increase in eye disease in developed countries:

Governments and organizations that ban or warn against wireless technology:

High school students in Denmark show how Wi-Fi affects biology:

Smart Meters – Separating Fact from Fiction:

American Society of Environmental Medicine warns of health effects from EMF and RF radiation:


Papers by Dr. Donald Hillman, Professor Emeritus, Department of Animal Science, Michigan State University demonstrating ______________________________________: and

Farm and human health effects, Chris Hardie, Editor, LaCrosse Tribune Newspaper, funded by The Pew Center:

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) can be partially explained by the increased microwave radiation in our environment from wireless technologies the past decade – a new study out of Switzerland:

2015 paper showing that rabbits experience heart arrhythmia and increased blood pressure when exposed with 2.4 GHz WiFi:

2004 Electric and magnetic fields affect milk production and the behavior of cows. Donald Hillman, Ph.D.